Investing in Training to Retain & Develop Your Future Workforce.


Whether you are attracting, retaining or growing talent, CLRG Training Seminars will address the current career learning needs for your industry. Our subject matter experts will assess the emerging workforce trends to provide the most efficient performance solutions. We provide off-the-shelf and customized courseware for professional development and soft skills to meet the performance needs of your workforce.  

We partner with subject matter experts to create best practices for your industry's workforce including construction, facilities management and healthcare to name a few. Our mission is to provide efficient and engaging performance outcomes to drive measurable results and deliver customer service excellence in everything we deliver. The passion behind C. L. Russell Group, LLC is our desire to help organizations retain the talent they need and mobilize people to create a future ready world-class workforce.   


What makes CLRG Seminars your top choice for training? Our agile team of subject matter experts strive to provide efficient, engaging, and productive learning and performance outcomes based on:

  •     best training practices for your industry,

  •     the capacity to drive measurable results, performance driven!

  •     high-energy and content-rich presentations, customization to meet 
        your industry’s strategic goals!

  •     multiple training and learning platforms (live, on-line, mobile)

  •     and customer service excellence in everything we deliver!